Fur Rondy Anchorage – Fur Rendezvous

Alaska winter festival, Fur Rendezvous, Now is the time to start preparing for the upcoming events.

Fur Rendezvous is an Alaskan Tradition.

Some of our winter guests here at Jewel Lake B&B enjoy the Fur Rendezvous, a winter festival of sporting events such as hockey and basketball. Another part the first festivals was the trapping contests, such events include finest ermine pelts, longest fox, and best fox pelt. The winter carnival brought people from all over Anchorage to celebrate the ending of winter and for the business of fur trading. The name “Fur Rendezvous Festival” was given in 1937.

Fur Rendezvous is a long time tradition and only time it was not celebrated was during the World War II. After the war, the celebration grew with visitors from all over Alaska the northern territories. New events began to like the fireworks on the opening night of the festival and the crowning each year of a new Rondy Queen.

After a long day and evening of eating and drinking, our guests have enjoyed the easy bus ride home. Door to door service on the city bus. Runs every hour.

The Fur Rondy festival continues to grow and is one of the largest winter carnivals in North America.

Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Website

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